Welcome To Ghana Association Of Georgia.

GAG is the only Ghanaian association which is non-ethnic,non-religious and welcome all Ghanaians and friends of Ghana Committed to promoting the interest of Ghana and members. Encourages live long fraternity and congeniality among members. Fully support members in time of need. Engaged in projects that provide Ghanaian schools and hospitals with financial and material assistance. Participation in year round cultural enrichment events. Educational forums geared towards improving the standard of living and wealth of members Involvement in social and community activities in Ghana and Georgia.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ghana association Georgia is to serve as support group for the social and economic well-being of all Ghanaians and others who identify with Ghana Ghana association of Georgia ‘inc, also seeks to raise funds to help develop and/or sponsor social,economic,health and educational facilities throughout Ghana and elsewhere,on the basis of need The association serves to encourage all people to lean more about the heritage of Ghana and Africa, increase their awareness of, and participation in Ghana and other African events